Appdome Joins AppConfig to Accelerate and Simplify Industry Standard

August 08, 2017
It’s another momentous day for Appdome! Today, we announced that Appdome joined the AppConfig community, reinforcing our mission to speed the creation of enterprise-ready mobile apps for everyone!

Tags: appconfig, EMM, MDM, no-code, isv, SSO, iOS security, Android security, EMM SDK, vpn

ISV Case Study: Notate Using Appdome to Simplify Mobile App Integration

April 13, 2017
Appdome's App Publishers Service allows Shafer Systems to make Notate for Enterprise app available for integration to its enterprise customers using AppFusion.

Tags: mobile applications, SDK, BlackBerry, mobile SDK, App Publisher, AirWatch, EMM, isv, mobile integration, sdk integration, enterprise apps, vpn, notate, shafer systems

How to Solve the Mobile Application Management (MAM) Dilemma

January 22, 2015
While grappling with complex problems is the norm for today’s CIOs rather than the exception, there is a particularly difficult and urgent issue that is causing growing concern both inside and outside the space: finding a way to secure and...

Tags: BYOD, mobile applications, Data Breach, Fusion, MAM, SDK, EMM, HIPAA, mobile integration, sdk integration, EMM SDK, vpn, PCI, patent, MAM SDK, SOX

Achieving Mobile Security and Compliance  for the Mobile Workforce

June 10, 2014
While the concept of working remotely is certainly not new — just ask any sales professional whose office has traditionally been whatever hotel, coffee shop, airport lounge or sometimes even car they happen to be in — the explosive penetration...

Tags: compliance, Mobile threats, Security, mobile security, vpn


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