Pwning the Kernel & Root

October 06, 2014
This time we’ll discuss how to use the basic building block of the limited form of kernel-write we found last time in order to get unrestricted write to the kernel, and ultimately root privileges. 5067

Tags: futex,, Towel root, Mobile threats, Security, mobile security, android app, rooting, Android security

Escalating Futex Vulnerability & How to Fix it

September 18, 2014
Last time we went over the two bugs in the futex kernel module and how these bugs allow us to potentially control a node in some kernel-residing linked list. This time, we'll discuss how to leverage these bugs...

Tags: futex,, Towel root, Mobile threats, Security, Malware, mobile security, rooting

The Futex Vulnerability

September 11, 2014

Here at AppDome, we take mobile security seriously. Naturally, the news of a new rooting mechanism aroused our curiosity and concern. The scarcity of publicly available resources prompted us to perform our own analysis of the vulnerability and the exploit, and try to distill some elements which could be used in order to boost the security level we provide in our solutions.The results of this analysis, we decided, ought to be shared with the public.

Tags: futex,, Towel root, Security, Malware, mobile security, android app, rooting


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