Complete App Protection without Source Code with TOTALCode™ Obfuscation

February 15, 2018

Code obfuscation helps to protect a mobile app’s internal logic, intellectual property, frameworks, language, and structure. It makes the “reading” of an app’s binary/compiled code difficult and impractical. It aims to confuse and frustrate hackers while they try to uncover how an app works. Learn more about code obfuscation »

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SDK Integration - The Achilles Heel in Mobile Strategies

October 12, 2017

SDKs are designed to reduce development burden required to implement services. They aid enterprises in adding desired capabilities and features to apps, without having to develop them internally. For this very reason, mobile app developers prefer SDKs as they serve as ‘building blocks’ for connecting apps to mobile services during the development cycle. But once the app has been compiled, integrating an SDK usually requires modification of the source code. And that’s the “no fun” part of a developer’s job.

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Appdome Attends VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2017

July 25, 2017
Recently, Appdome participated in VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2017  as a sponsor in San Francisco. It seemed fitting that the organizers chose the old San Francisco Port of Embarkation as the location for attendees, sponsors, and presenters to start the event’s journey of mobile innovation and digital disruption.

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Appdome FusionGRAVITY™Allows Multi-Service Mobile Integration

January 20, 2017

We just released FusionGRAVITYTM on the Appdome platform! As an Appdome customer, you can now leverage this new technology to further accelerate and scale your app integration projects.

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Gartner's Take on Mobile Security Best Practices

April 04, 2016
In a newly released research note, Gartner discusses mobile security as it applies to consumer facing apps. The piece, entitled “Avoiding Mobile App Development Security Pitfalls – March 2016” covers various aspects of the mobile app development landscape in detail,...

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