Whitelisting for Mobile Apps: Because Phishing Bites

September 19, 2016
Whitelisting provides a method to identify sites that an app can access. The goal of whitelisting is to provide a safe space for users accessing services via an app. Most simply, whitelisting includes approved sites. Learn more >

Tags: Data Protection, mobile applications, Data Breach, Mobile threats, Fusion, Security, mobile security, android app, iOS security, ios app, Android security, whitelisting, phishing, blacklisting

YiSpecter & Internet Traffic Hijacking

October 13, 2015
The latest on the YiSpecter malware – a malicious code capable of infecting non-jailbroken iOS devices – presents an interesting dilemma. Not only does it conclusively dispel the notion that a device’s official factory configuration insulates it from software abuses,...

Tags: MitM, Mobile Banking Apps, Fusion, Security, Man in the Middle, Malware, mobile security, anti-tampering, phishing, malicious app, YiSpecter

AndroidOS_Marchcaban.HBT Targets Mobile Banking Apps

October 08, 2015
To err is human. People make mistakes all the time. No harm no foul. But if you’re using mobile banking apps, a small mistake can pack a lot of harm. Unfortunately, from a cybersecurity perspective, you may have a new...

Tags: WiFi, Data Breach, Mobile Banking Apps, Security, Identity theft, Malware, Trojan horse, mobile security, Android security, phishing, malicious app, AndroidOS_Marchcaban.HBT

The Inherent Dangers of Fake Wi-Fi for Consumer App Users

August 12, 2015
When looking at the mobile security threat landscape, fake Wi-Fi attack vectors stand out as being particularly insidious. As consumer demand for mobile data increases, app users connect to Wi-Fi networks at every chance they get – coffee shops, parks,...

Tags: mobile applications, MitM, WiFi, Data Breach, Mobile threats, Security, mobile security, mobile authentication, phishing


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