SSL Certificate Validation and Pinning on Mobile App: Pharmers Hate It

September 21, 2016
Like screenplay writers at Starbucks, SSL is everywhere. You would hope that SSL validation and SSL certificate pinning would be everywhere too. Unfortunately, that’s not yet the case and a lack of SSL certificate validation and SSL certificate pinning weakens the usefulness of a certificate in establishing trust. Pharming unfortunately is also very common and attackers using pharming count on these weaknesses.

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The Need for Fusion: XcodeGhost Busters

September 24, 2015
Last week’s discovery of the XcodeGhost is the first known example of compiler level malware on OS X. The malicious code that underlies XcodeGhost is cleverly designed to reach consumer data by attacking developers. This new threat quickly drew a...

Tags: XcodeGhost, Mobile threats, Fusion, Security, Identity theft, mobile security, data at rest encryption, pharming


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