No-Code Integration for BlackBerry Launcher - Available Now!

June 01, 2017

The latest mobile service to make its debut on the Appdome platform comes from our long-time friend and partner, BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher SDK is now available on Appdome! Yes!

You can find the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher under the Management category. It’s an optional extension when adding the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK to an app on Appdome. This means that any customer can implement BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher and BlackBerry Dynamics SDK on the same app, at the same time, all within a single workflow, and all it takes is one additional click of a mouse. No coding, no development, no extra time or development.

Tags: Fusion, SDK, BlackBerry, EMM, no-code, mobile integration, sdk integration, multi-service, BlackBerry Dynamics SDK, BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher, citizen developer, multiple SDKs

Appdome FusionGRAVITY™Allows Multi-Service Mobile Integration

January 20, 2017

We just released FusionGRAVITYTM on the Appdome platform! As an Appdome customer, you can now leverage this new technology to further accelerate and scale your app integration projects.

Tags: Appaloosa, Fusion, MAM, SDK, no-code, mobile integration, source code, multi-vendor, multi-service, EMM SDK, multiple SDKs


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