Appdome Empowers Developer Choice

June 08, 2018
 The recent release and news around Android Kotlin seemed an awesome time to write a blog about the importance of developer choice.

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ISV Case Study: Thycotic Using Appdome to Simplify Mobile App Integration

April 19, 2017

Happy developers make happy code. And the Thycotic app developers sure are happy to use Appdome. But customers are the happiest because Thycotic can now focus on developing great features and functionality for their mobile application, instead of spending time and effort integrating mobile SDKs. Great features like:

  • Get full access to their Thycotic Secret Server account from mobile devices, while keeping Secrets well-organized and secure.
  • Search, view, edit, and create Secrets and folders.
  • Create ‘favorites’.
  • Request access to Secrets.
  • Cache Secrets or folders for offline use.


Tags: mobile applications, SDK, mobile development, mobile SDK, App Publisher, app developer, thycotic, sdk integration, enterprise apps Chooses Appdome to Integrate a Mobile SDKs to its Apps!

March 15, 2017
Do you want to deliver new mobile or enterprise features in your mobile applications quickly and efficiently? Just ask a leading ISV how to accomplish this easily using AppFusion!

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