Is Mobile an Attack Vector? You Better Believe It Is.

December 02, 2016
According to Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, the latest malicious "Trojan Horse" software, named Gooligan, has been infecting about 13,000 Android mobile devices a day. Disguised as legitimate apps for Android smartphones and tablets, it has seized control of more than one million Google accounts since August.

Tags: Malware, Trojan horse, mobile security, Android security, malicious app

Mobile Malware: Keeping the Bad Guys Out of Your Apps

September 26, 2016
Mobile malware developers are creating malware at an increasing volume, velocity and level of sophistication. I guess it’s because they’re bad guys, it’s what they do – to steal a line from Harley Quinn. And honestly they do it pretty efficiently because like most forms of malware, these mobile malware increases aren’t going unnoticed. In fact, Shaun Waterman wrote about this increase in a September 2016 piece for Fedscoop: Mobile malware had doubled since the beginning of the year.

Tags: Data Protection, Data Breach, Fusion, Malware, jailbreak, mobile security, android app, rooting, iOS security, ios app, Android security, checksums, anti-tampering, malicious app

SSL Certificate Validation and Pinning on Mobile App: Pharmers Hate It

September 21, 2016
Like screenplay writers at Starbucks, SSL is everywhere. You would hope that SSL validation and SSL certificate pinning would be everywhere too. Unfortunately, that’s not yet the case and a lack of SSL certificate validation and SSL certificate pinning weakens the usefulness of a certificate in establishing trust. Pharming unfortunately is also very common and attackers using pharming count on these weaknesses.

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YiSpecter & Internet Traffic Hijacking

October 13, 2015
The latest on the YiSpecter malware – a malicious code capable of infecting non-jailbroken iOS devices – presents an interesting dilemma. Not only does it conclusively dispel the notion that a device’s official factory configuration insulates it from software abuses,...

Tags: MitM, Mobile Banking Apps, Fusion, Security, Man in the Middle, Malware, mobile security, anti-tampering, phishing, malicious app, YiSpecter

AndroidOS_Marchcaban.HBT Targets Mobile Banking Apps

October 08, 2015
To err is human. People make mistakes all the time. No harm no foul. But if you’re using mobile banking apps, a small mistake can pack a lot of harm. Unfortunately, from a cybersecurity perspective, you may have a new...

Tags: WiFi, Data Breach, Mobile Banking Apps, Security, Identity theft, Malware, Trojan horse, mobile security, Android security, phishing, malicious app, AndroidOS_Marchcaban.HBT

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