Can Your Mobile Security Strategy Hold Up in the Boardroom?

October 26, 2015
You’re getting ready to rollout a series of mobile apps to your entire customer base. Everything is set – the code is tested, the marketing plan is on target, and the support teams are trained to assist new users. All...

Tags: WiFi, Data Breach, Fusion, Security, Identity theft, mobile security, android app, iOS security, mobile authentication, ios app, Android security

AndroidOS_Marchcaban.HBT Targets Mobile Banking Apps

October 08, 2015
To err is human. People make mistakes all the time. No harm no foul. But if you’re using mobile banking apps, a small mistake can pack a lot of harm. Unfortunately, from a cybersecurity perspective, you may have a new...

Tags: WiFi, Data Breach, Mobile Banking Apps, Security, Identity theft, Malware, Trojan horse, mobile security, Android security, phishing, malicious app, AndroidOS_Marchcaban.HBT

The Need for Fusion: XcodeGhost Busters

September 24, 2015
Last week’s discovery of the XcodeGhost is the first known example of compiler level malware on OS X. The malicious code that underlies XcodeGhost is cleverly designed to reach consumer data by attacking developers. This new threat quickly drew a...

Tags: XcodeGhost, Mobile threats, Fusion, Security, Identity theft, mobile security, data at rest encryption, pharming

Consumers and App Data Theft Who Should be Held Accountable?

August 18, 2015
A shift has occurred in the cybercrime world, and it’s one that mobile app owners can’t afford to ignore. Recently, there’s been a sharp increase in app data theft incidents, primarily with the goal of stealing credentials and gaining access...

Tags: MitM, Mobile threats, Security, Man in the Middle, Identity theft, mobile security, android app, ios app

Stagefright: The New Face of App Data Theft

July 30, 2015
How vulnerable, exactly, are Android phones to app data theft? Based on recent research from mobile security expert Joshua Drake, 95% of Androids are potentially compromised by Stagefright, a media playback tool. As you may have heard, 6 critical vulnerabilities...

Tags: BYOD, Stagefright, Data Breach, Security, Identity theft, Malware, Trojan horse, mobile security, android app, data theft, malicious app

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