No-Code Integration for BlackBerry Launcher - Available Now!

June 01, 2017

The latest mobile service to make its debut on the Appdome platform comes from our long-time friend and partner, BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher SDK is now available on Appdome! Yes!

You can find the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher under the Management category. It’s an optional extension when adding the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK to an app on Appdome. This means that any customer can implement BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher and BlackBerry Dynamics SDK on the same app, at the same time, all within a single workflow, and all it takes is one additional click of a mouse. No coding, no development, no extra time or development.

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Appdome Makes Signing Fused Android and iOS Apps Easy!

May 04, 2017
Appdome now makes signing integrated apps even easier, giving users the option to store signing credentials on the Appdome platform. While some Appdome users chose to sign Fused apps inside their own environment (using in-house tools to complete the signing process), a growing number of customers have requested that Appdome maintain their signing credentials on the Appdome platform. The purpose of this feature is to make signing apps faster, more efficient and readily available for all users, including citizen developers who may be new to signing.

Tags: android app, ios app, signing certificate, signing apps, citizen developer

No-Code Mobile Integration for ISVs: Key Benefits

February 22, 2017
As you know from my last post, Appdome for App Publishers is a new service on the Appdome platform designed to support the growing need to integrate mobility solutions with commercially available apps. Thanks to those of you that have contacted us about this amazing new service.  For the benefit of everyone, I thought I’d share some of the incredible benefits others have shared with me.

Tags: mobile applications, SDK, App Publisher, EMM, no-code, isv, mobile integration, sdk integration, enterprise apps, citizen developer


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