Pew Research and Smart Insights Mobile Fact Sheet 2017: Appdome Review

November 07, 2017

With the intensive use of applications on mobile device, it is natural to wonder if the applications are secure. If they are keeping information on the application, device and end user safe? For businesses, security is a top priority as they cannot afford a data breach. What can businesses do to keep their applications and end users secure? Here’s a helpful list to start.

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Anti-Tampering for Mobile Apps: "U Can't Touch This"

October 17, 2016
Anti-tampering for mobile apps, like obfuscation for mobile apps, adds a protective layer of to your mobile app that helps mitigate modification. Anti-tampering helps thwart mobile app logic modifications that make your app operate differently than how you designed it. Anti-tampering is like the MC Hammer of mobile apps. It says to attackers that want to modify your logic, "U can’t touch this." Go ahead and click, you know you want to.

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Mobile Malware: Keeping the Bad Guys Out of Your Apps

September 26, 2016
Mobile malware developers are creating malware at an increasing volume, velocity and level of sophistication. I guess it’s because they’re bad guys, it’s what they do – to steal a line from Harley Quinn. And honestly they do it pretty efficiently because like most forms of malware, these mobile malware increases aren’t going unnoticed. In fact, Shaun Waterman wrote about this increase in a September 2016 piece for Fedscoop: Mobile malware had doubled since the beginning of the year.

Tags: Data Protection, Data Breach, Fusion, Malware, jailbreak, mobile security, android app, rooting, iOS security, ios app, Android security, checksums, anti-tampering, malicious app

Checksum Verification for Mobile Apps: You Better "Checksum" Before You "Wrecksum"

September 15, 2016
Checksum verification for mobile apps is table stakes for any mobile app developer that wants to, well, try to stop their app from being hacked, filled with malicious code, becoming self-aware and taking over the world. Too far? I think that may have been too far.

Tags: Data Protection, mobile applications, Data Breach, Mobile threats, Fusion, Security, mobile security, android app, iOS security, ios app, Android security, checksums


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