Appdome Verifies Hostnames in Certificate Pinning Used in Mobile Apps and Prevents MiTM Attacks

January 09, 2018
There’s never a dull moment on the mobile security front. Several large, consumer-facing, banking apps recently made the news. It turns out that some of their apps were not verifying hostnames in their certificate pinning schemes.

Tags: MitM, Man in the Middle, mobile security, android app, CA certificate, ios app, secure communication, SSL certificate, certificate pinning

Man in the Middle Attacks (MiTM) on Mobile Apps

October 05, 2016
Man in the middle attacks (MiTM) are a popular method for hackers to get between a sender and a receiver. MiTM attacks, which are a form of session hijacking are not new. However, what might not be known is that mobile devices are vulnerable to MiTM attacks too. In particular, mobile apps are vulnerable to MiTM attacks.

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