Bring Your Own Apps (BYOA) in the Modern Enterprise

May 17, 2017
Ever since Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), there’s been “an app for this” phenomenon.  Increasingly we’re seeing the arrival of Bring Your Own App (BYOA) to the workplace. From the enterprise perspective, increasing growth in mobile app use is a given.  Mobile enables new and better business processes. Mobile also transforms the ways organizations, partners, and customers interface with each other.

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Appdome Welcomes Mattermost to Appdome for App Publishers

May 10, 2017

When you want premium workplace messaging for desktop and mobile who are you going to call? Mattermost is one of the premier communication solutions for workplace collaboration. Some of its features are:

  • Messaging that works
  • Open source and private cloud-ready
  • Data Center-Ready
  • Advanced Security
  • Enterprise Scale

With this set of impressive features, it is not a coincidence that Mattermost selected the Appdome for App Publishers Service to secure its mobile application development. Innovation recognizes innovation.

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