Appdome Achieves SDK Readiness in Lightning Speed!

January 24, 2017
One of Appdome’s missions for customers is that we will strive to eliminate any pains when it comes to integrating mobile apps with 3rd party services such as SDKs.  One way that we do this is by bringing the latest SDKs of our partners to the Appdome platform at mobile speed.

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Appdome FusionGRAVITY™Allows Multi-Service Mobile Integration

January 20, 2017

We just released FusionGRAVITYTM on the Appdome platform! As an Appdome customer, you can now leverage this new technology to further accelerate and scale your app integration projects.

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Professor Fusion to Appaloosa: "Welcome to the hood!"

December 27, 2016
It’s a great pleasure to welcome Appaloosa to the Appdome family. Earlier last week, the Appaloosa SDK went live on the  Appdome platform, marking the start of a new partnership between Appdome and Appaloosa to deliver rapid, simple and secure mobile management solutions on the Appdome platform.

Tags: BYOD, mobile applications, Appaloosa, MAM, SDK, EMM, no-code, mobile security, mobile integration, multi-vendor, sdk integration, enterprise apps, multi-service

Appdome Welcomes 1st MAM Solution SDK to No-Code Mobile Integration

December 15, 2016
We are very pleased to announce the expansion of our mobile app integration platform to include Mobile Application Management (MAM), a new sub-category in our existing Management offerings, via our partnership with Appaloosa.

Tags: mobile applications, Appaloosa, Fusion, MAM, SDK, no-code, mobile integration, android app, sdk integration, ios app, enterprise apps


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