Appdome Patents No-Code Mobile Integration

May 09, 2018
Appdome earns first patent on "Fusion," our no-code mobile integration. It's one thing to "say" you have a novel technology. This patent confirms what you've created is unique and useful. We make the "impossible" easy, by allowing mobile SDK/API services to be added to native iOS and Android mobile apps without anyone writing a single line of code.

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Building Enterprise Apps in EMM Environments; The Ugly Truth

August 01, 2017
Building enterprise apps that work in EMM environments is hard, costly and time-consuming. Under pressure from sales to release mobile apps to drive productivity; product management and engineering built standard apps. Making apps work within an EMM environment became the responsibility of the IT organization.

Tags: BYOD, app wrapping, SDK, BlackBerry, AirWatch, MobileIron, EMM, MDM, no-code, mobile integration, android app, IBM MaaS360, sdk integration, ios app, enterprise apps

Gartner's Take on Mobile Security Best Practices

April 04, 2016
In a newly released research note, Gartner discusses mobile security as it applies to consumer facing apps. The piece, entitled “Avoiding Mobile App Development Security Pitfalls – March 2016” covers various aspects of the mobile app development landscape in detail,...

Tags: BYOD, mobile applications, app wrapping, MitM, Data Breach, Fusion, Man in the Middle, Malware, mobile security, devops, Gartner, iOS SDK, Android SDK, source code, enterprise apps

Does Your App Expose Your Password and Offer No Data Protection?

July 15, 2015
When developers either use unencrypted text protocol, or incorrectly implemented HTTPS, Big Brand Apps are being left vulnerable and exposed. Worried about your data? You should be! Over the past few days we have seen an increasing number of articles...

Tags: Data Protection, app wrapping, MitM, Data Breach, Mobile threats, Security, Man in the Middle, Identity theft, Malware, mobile security, Android security, data theft


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