Why Appdome Offers Free Mobile Security, Forever

November 28, 2016
Mobile application security is consistently on the Top 3 or Top 5 initiatives of CIOs, CISOs and in many cases CEOs. Our goal is to help the mobile industry secure every mobile app from first use. And we urge you, don't pay another dime for mobile application security until you try Appdome. In fact, use Appdome and don't pay us a dime.

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Data at Rest Encryption for Mobile Apps: Because People Want Your Data

October 03, 2016
Mobile data at rest encryption is critical to securing a mobile app. That debate is long since over. Mobile devices hold sensitive data and people want that data regardless if you think it’s valuable or not. We all know it, so It blows me away when I see that there are still some mobile apps being developed without data at rest encryption.

Tags: Data Protection, Data Breach, Mobile threats, Fusion, Security, Malware, mobile security, android app, data at rest encryption, iOS security, ios app, Android security, data encryption, FIPS, AES


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