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The Inherent Dangers of Fake Wi-Fi for Consumer App Users

August 12, 2015
When looking at the mobile security threat landscape, fake Wi-Fi attack vectors stand out as being particularly insidious. As consumer demand for mobile data increases, app users connect to Wi-Fi networks at every chance they get – coffee shops, parks,...

Tags: mobile applications, MitM, WiFi, Data Breach, Mobile threats, Security, mobile security, mobile authentication, phishing

Stagefright: The New Face of App Data Theft

July 30, 2015
How vulnerable, exactly, are Android phones to app data theft? Based on recent research from mobile security expert Joshua Drake, 95% of Androids are potentially compromised by Stagefright, a media playback tool. As you may have heard, 6 critical vulnerabilities...

Tags: BYOD, Stagefright, Data Breach, Security, Identity theft, Malware, Trojan horse, mobile security, android app, data theft, malicious app

Does Your App Expose Your Password and Offer No Data Protection?

July 15, 2015
When developers either use unencrypted text protocol, or incorrectly implemented HTTPS, Big Brand Apps are being left vulnerable and exposed. Worried about your data? You should be! Over the past few days we have seen an increasing number of articles...

Tags: Data Protection, app wrapping, MitM, Data Breach, Mobile threats, Security, Man in the Middle, Identity theft, Malware, mobile security, Android security, data theft

Is Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy BYOD-Ready?

June 08, 2015
While there was some early speculation that BYOD was more of a fad than a trend, the verdict is in and the debate is over: BYOD is not going away anytime soon. And as far as employees are concerned, why...

Tags: BYOD, enterprise mobility, mobile applications, Data Breach, Security, mobile security, Gartner, enterprise apps

Healthcare's Mobile Device Dilemma: Compliance or Productivity?

February 18, 2015
While there was a time when organizations, professionals and practices speculated on whether mobile devices could or should be adopted for use in the healthcare sector, that time has clearly passed and the way forward is clear: mobile devices are...

Tags: BYOD, healthcare, mobile applications, Data Breach, Security, HIPAA, mobile security

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