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Healthcare's Mobile Device Dilemma: Compliance or Productivity?

February 18, 2015
While there was a time when organizations, professionals and practices speculated on whether mobile devices could or should be adopted for use in the healthcare sector, that time has clearly passed and the way forward is clear: mobile devices are...

Tags: BYOD, CIO, Mobile data security, healthcare

How to Solve the Mobile Application Management Dilemma

January 22, 2015
While grappling with complex problems is the norm for today’s CIOs rather than the exception, there is a particularly difficult and urgent issue that is causing growing concern both inside and outside the space: finding a way to secure and...

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Mobility at the Healthcare IT Summit

November 13, 2014
We’ve just returned from Healthcare Summit IT in Los Angeles where the AppDome team met and connected with many talented healthcare IT leaders. The premier summit was a great way to share and learn about all of the innovation that...

Tags: BYOD, enterprise mobility, healthcare

Pwning the kernel && root

October 06, 2014
This time we’ll discuss how to use the basic building block of the limited form of kernel-write we found last time in order to get unrestricted write to the kernel, and ultimately root privileges. 5067

Tags: futex,, Towel root

Shellshock aka Bashdoor : The Vulnerability That Is Putting Your Organization At Risk

October 01, 2014
Since last Thursday, Shellshock has been making waves across the web with breaking news and a major threat to organizations at large. So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard about Shellshock, a.k.a. Bashdoor. However, for those...

Tags: Data Protection, vulnerability