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Appdome USA is Coming Together

September 16, 2016
The newest team members at AppDome USA get together for socializing, team building, and story telling, but not duck wings. Never duck wings.

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Checksum Verification for Mobile Apps: You Better "Checksum" Before You "Wrecksum"

September 15, 2016
Checksum verification for mobile apps is table stakes for any mobile app developer that wants to, well, try to stop their app from being hacked, filled with malicious code, becoming self-aware and taking over the world. Too far? I think that may have been too far.

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Appdome in the US; Growth and Super Heroes

September 14, 2016
Two months and three temporary offices later, the US Team is starting to get our sea legs. We're not in our true home just yet. We're waiting for the landlord to clean and prep it for us. Thanks to the folks at Regus Redwood City for putting up with us (and Alan, who takes calls in the hallway).

Tags: mobile applications, Fusion, appdome, mobile integration

Appdome and BlackBerry. One Tiny Step for Appdome, One Giant Step for Mobile-Kind

July 19, 2016
By now, you’ve seen the news about our partnership with BlackBerry. The folks over there are simply awesome. How else can you explain the decision to embrace a new and alternative approach...

Tags: Fusion, SDK, BlackBerry, jailbreak, mobile integration, rooting, sdk integration, secure communication, BlackBerry Dynamics, Good Dynamics

Meet the New Appdome. A Great Company Just Got Better

July 18, 2016
We are so excited. Last week, we brought the entire team from the US and Israel to our Tel Aviv HQ and agreed to embark on this incredible journey together. Our goal is to change the way mobile apps are developed and deployed in the enterprise.

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