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Live from Oktane - a Successful Debut of Appdome for SSO+

May 24, 2018


Reporting live from Oktane, the Okta user conference, where we just debuted our new Appdome for SSO+ service and the response is tremendous.

IMG_5596Customers and partners are super excited when they learn that Appdome dramatically simplifies and accelerates the migration of Android and iOS apps to modern cloud authentication services. 

Several things stand out to me. Customers love that Appdome for SSO+:

  • Lets them integrate mobile services (SDKs and APIs) to any mobile app (internally developed and 3rd party) instantly without coding
  • Helps organizations transition from on-premise identity to cloud-based identity
  • Enables all apps that use traditional authentication to leverage modern authentication schemes
  • Works with any modern authentication provider (Okta, Azure AD, etc...) and all authentication schemes (SAML, OpenID Connect, etc...)
  • Simplifies, accelerates and reduces implementation time for Okta services. 

...all without any coding or changing the back-end of the apps.

Now this is Single Sign-On made easy! 

Get the datasheet to learn more, or drop me a line to schedule a live demo:

Download the Datasheet


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