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It’s a New Era of Mobile Integration for Enterprises Apps!

February 15, 2017

external.pngToday, Appdome introduces a new service on the Appdome Platform - Appdome for App Publishers. The new service is free for app publishers and independent software vendors (ISVs). It is designed to empower enterprise customers to integrate the SDK of their choice with commercially available, enterprise apps on the Appdome platform.

I’m really excited about this new service. It provides quick access to enterprise apps, making the job of implementing SDKs on the Appdome platform so much easier. It also allows app publishers/ISVs to get out of the SDK game and make their apps “available for integration” using AppFusion - Appdome’s proprietary mobile integration technology.

Why are we launching this new service? The answer is simple. Appdome for App Publishers improves the business reach and usefulness of commercial apps built for the enterprise, allowing app publishers and ISVs to spend less time implementing third party features and SDKs, and more time building better and richer versions of their apps.

Here is a familiar scenario… an ISV spends weeks, if not months, implementing third party SDKs needed for one of its enterprise customers, only to do it all over again for a different customer with different SDK requirements. With each OS update, SDK release, and App release, it literally required a new development effort on the ISV’s part. The entire manual process becomes a vicious cycle that eats up resources and drags down the productivity of app development teams at ISVs.

Appdome wants to responsibly solve the growing pains associated with mobile app integration. Together, our AppFusion technology and the new App Publishers Service, we further empower enterprise customers to perform full SDK implementations in minutes, with a single click.

Are you an App Publisher/ISV that builds apps for the enterprise? Drop us a line:

Appdome for App Publishers

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