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Appdome Verifies Hostnames in Certificate Pinning Used in Mobile Apps and Prevents MiTM Attacks

January 09, 2018
There’s never a dull moment on the mobile security front. Several large, consumer-facing, banking apps recently made the news. It turns out that some of their apps were not verifying hostnames in their certificate pinning schemes.

Tags: MitM, Man in the Middle, mobile security, android app, CA certificate, ios app, secure communication, SSL certificate, certificate pinning

Appdome Simplifies AppConfig for App Developers and ISVs

August 17, 2017
Appdome can accelerate and broaden the adoption of Appconfig, and encourage the standard to evolve. For starters, Appdome eliminates the manual development work required to implement AppConfig. Any app maker, including ISVs, can now add AppConfig to an app in minutes, without developers writing a single line of code.

Tags: appconfig, EMM, MDM, no-code, isv, mobile integration, android app, iOS SDK, Android SDK, ios app, android sdk platform, iOS sdk platform

Appdome Makes Signing Fused Android and iOS Apps Easy!

May 04, 2017
Appdome now makes signing integrated apps even easier, giving users the option to store signing credentials on the Appdome platform. While some Appdome users chose to sign Fused apps inside their own environment (using in-house tools to complete the signing process), a growing number of customers have requested that Appdome maintain their signing credentials on the Appdome platform. The purpose of this feature is to make signing apps faster, more efficient and readily available for all users, including citizen developers who may be new to signing.

Tags: android app, ios app, signing certificate, signing apps, citizen developer

Appdome's Dashboard and Logs Now Show Fusion Events and Fused Apps!

April 27, 2017

Hi everyone, Appdome just released two new features designed to boost visibility and transparency in using Appdome. The new featues do two things.  First, you can now view and search activity logs so you can get the "who, what, and when" for Fusion tasks started and completed, and see when Fused apps are installed on demand.  We also added a greter number of fusion events so users get a bit more "behind the scenes" each time they click “Fuse my app." Next, Ideal users get data on the number of Fusion Installs. We thinking about calling the new visibility Fusion InsightsTM and Fusion Insights PlusTM – let us know what you think! 

Tags: Fusion, signing apps

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