Avi Yehuda

Avi Yehuda is the Co-Founder and CTO of Nativeflow.

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Appdome’s TOTALCode™ Obfuscation Enables Choice and Complete App Protection, Without Accessing Source Code

February 15, 2018

Code obfuscation helps to protect a mobile app’s internal logic, intellectual property, frameworks, language, and structure. It makes the “reading” of an app’s binary/compiled code difficult and impractical. It aims to confuse and frustrate hackers while they try to uncover how an app works. Learn more about code obfuscation »

Mobile App Pre-Authentication by Appdome

January 30, 2018
One of the key things I love about working at Appdome is solving very difficult problems in mobile. This time we’re solving SSO inside an enterprise mobility suite like Blackberry, AirWatch, MobileIron, etc. This is HUGE, bigger in many ways than adding the SDK to apps in seconds.

Appdome is iOS 11 Ready from Day One!

September 20, 2017

Appdome is pleased to announce that we are ready on day one for iOS 11! Appdome makes it easy and seamless for enterprises and ISVs to support iOS 11 while performing integration on our platform. Appdome’s fusion adapters enable applications to leverage the new networking, window management, application loading and efficiency facilities added in iOS 11. 

Appdome @ the U.K. Blackberry Developer Conference

March 30, 2017
We love attending the Blackberry Developer Conferences! We get to meet real developers, who use Appdome to implement the Blackberry Dynamics SDK every day. And, we get to meet the product leaders @ Blackberry.

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Appdome Platform is Officially in GA!

February 28, 2017
It has been an exciting month for Appdome! Not only have we recently announced new product releases – Advanced Settings for BlackBerry Dynamics and Appdome for App Publishers – our Appdome Platform is officially getting out of its “Beta-mode”. Here’s highlighting a couple of the cool features...

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