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Appdome and Gemalto's Partnership Now Lets You Easily Add Gemalto's MobilePKI SDK to Any Existing App

February 02, 2018


Today, Appdome announced another strategic partnership in the Identity category, this time with Gemalto (with its mobilePKI SDK)- a long time market leader in the mobile identity space. In addition to the joint global sales and GTM efforts embodied by this partnership, the depth and breadth of use cases within Appdome’s Mobile Identity category evolves and expands significantly. The new partnership introduces new services that are part of a focused expansion of the Mobile Identity category that we initially announced this past April. Here’s some history from a previous blog.

Implement MFA in minutes on Appdome – Gemalto MobilePKI

Customers can now add Gemalto’s MobilePKI SDK to any app using Appdome. This service lets enterprises securely verify mobile users’ identities by adding advanced public key encryption and multi-factor authentication services to existing mobile apps. Sounds complicated right?  Quite the contrary with Appdome. If you implement this service on Appdome, you’d be done in minutes, without writing a single line of code or changing the app.

Here’s how it works: an enterprise fuses the Gemalto SDK to an app in a few clicks, sign and deploy the app to all their users.  A user opens the fused app, inserts their smartcard into a reader, and the SDK will do its magic to validate secret keys (over PKI). Once that is done, the user will get an in-app push notification, allowing him or her to enter a secure pin code. If all matches up, access is granted.  It’s the classic ‘something you have’ (the smartcard) and ‘something you know’ (the passcode) authentication. I could actually go a step further and include a third factor with ‘something you are’. An SDK from another Identity partner, BehavioSec uses biometrics. But I don’t want to get too carried away, I’m Professor Fusion, not Tom Cruise!


Before Appdome, Gemalto customers needed to hire mobile developers to manually modify the target app source code in order to enable the services in the MobilePKI SDK. As you can imagine, that can be a very complicated, expensive, and sometimes simply not possible. With Appdome, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. Those same customers can come to the Appdome platform and implement the same service with a one-click integration. No coding, no app changes, no complexity.

Hard to believe? Watch this video which shows how to add the Gemalto MobilePKI SDK to a mobile banking app on Appdome. The end-to-end process takes less than 3 minutes and that includes integration of the service, deployment, and the end-to-end authentication process. And if you think this is cool, wait until you see my next blog on “Multi-service Fusion”!

If you have not seen the Appdome platform, you should definitely go to the platform and try fusing an app yourself. To learn more about Appdome for Gemalto, download the datasheet.

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