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Appdome continues to extend and enhance the functionalities of BlackBerry Dynamics

February 14, 2017

It seems like it was only yesterday that Appdome announced the partnership with BlackBerry. The partnership has been going great. In fact, we just released another announcement today, to further solidify our partnership.  And I expect this partnership will only continue to strengthen over time.

We have both learned from our customers, especially when it comes to integrating the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK to their enterprise apps.  Some lessons are so valuable that we make it a point to add these features (aka Advanced Settings in the “Management” category) onto the Appdome platform.

Advanced Settings encompasses several features and technologies that extend and enhance the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. It enables the BlackBerry SDK to work with more apps and environments, even with those that the SDK is not designed to support initially.  Essentially, it means that the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK can now reach even more enterprise mobile environments, efficiently bringing more integrated mobile experiences to the enterprise workplace. I thought I’ll take the opportunity to highlight a few of the notable Advanced Settings here…

  • Secure Browsing
    The Secure Browsing option combines the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and the BlackBerry Access secure browser so that links within the app are opened using the BlackBerry Access (not the native browser resource). AppFusion is the only way to seamlessly connect the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and the BlackBerry Access Secure browser within a single app. Inside the AppFusion Adapter, Appdome’s Dynamic Function Scheduler (DFS) ensures that the app “understands” when to invoke the BlackBerry Access secure browser. The DFS manages conflicts and priorities when multiple services are selected and fused to an app.

  • Adaptive App Routing
    The Adaptive App Routing option allows the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and an app’s native routing paradigm to co-exist seamlessly inside a fused app. With Adaptive App Routing, a user can implement the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK without relying on the BlackBerry gateway to route and manage all traffic. This is particularly useful for VoIP applications that need a state-less UDP-class connection to operate effectively. Specific app functionality can now function as normal while maintaining all the advantages of the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.

  • In-App Secured Email
    In-App Secured Email option allows the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and BlackBerry Work to send emails with attachments and in HTML. With In-App Secure Email, all the functionalities associated with sending an email using BlackBerry Work are included. Now, users also can choose to opt out from sending emails using BlackBerry Work and utilized their current default email client instead.

  • Nested Filesystems Support
    Nested Filesystems Support allows apps that utilize nested filesystems and folders to seamlessly leverage the BlackBerry container. Again, AppFusion is the only way to effortlessly ensured that all files and folders are connected with the BlackBerry container file system.

By the way, join our upcoming webinar with BlackBerry on February 15 at 1pm EST, to see Advanced Settings in action. Or you can check them out for yourself today at the Appdome platform!


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